What Does a Pink Summons in New York Mean?

State police officers hand out around a half a million pink summonses every year. These summonses frequently deal with misdemeanor criminal offenses but nevertheless should be treated very seriously.

Do not make the mistake of taking a pink summons lightly. If your business has received a pink summons in New York City, it’s critical to contact a seasoned New York attorney and respond to it in a timely, strategic manner.

NYC pink summons notices are often issued to certain businesses, such as:

Commercial Vehicle Operators

Commercial Vehicle Operators - Summons in New YorkA NYC police officer may issue a pink summons to a truck driver or corporation if he or she believes New York transportation law has been violated. For example, if a vehicle or truck is overweight (VTL Section 385(9)).

Another commonly issued pink summons is for “Operating a Motor Vehicle in Violation of Safety Rules” (Section 140.02 of the Transportation Law). It is not uncommon to receive multiple summonses related to this section because it covers all kinds of offenses related to equipment, and if a commercial truck has several mechanical problems (with marker lights, mirror lights, turn signal lights, etc.), it can lead to hefty fines. Fixing the issues and providing proof can go a long way towards reducing these fines.

Unfortunately, it is common for businesses to first learn about pink summonses in an official letter that comes after the court date has already passed and they have been found guilty. This is due to the fact that officers typically leave the summonses on windshields or with drivers who neglect to notify the business.

If this happens to you, there are still ways to fix the problem and reduce your fines, but you will want to get in touch with a knowledgeable lawyer immediately.


Restaurants - Pink Summons in New YorkSimilarly, you may be issued a pink summons in New York if you are a restaurant owner. Restaurant owners typically receive pink summonses for fire code violations because they make alterations to their kitchens without realizing it goes against the code (Section 15-223.1(a)).

As is the case with vehicle violations, these summonses often get lost in the shuffle of doing business and are never seen by the owner until they receive a letter letting them know they have been found guilty. Again, an experienced NYC attorney will be able to help.

What to Do if Your Business Receives a Pink Summons in New York

When a business has been issued a pink summons, you must hire an attorney. Only a licensed NY lawyer is legally allowed to represent a corporate entity.

If you attempt to head to court without getting an attorney, all it will do is waste everyone’s time, and you will be told that your case cannot be resolved without legal representation.

Moreover, you want a lawyer on your side because they will be best able to help you avoid staggering fines. When you hire us, our goal will be to save you time and money by going to all of your court appearances for you and negotiating with the prosecutor to minimize penalties. In some cases, we have even been able to get cases dismissed and judgments that have been sent to collection agencies vacated.

Here’s the bottom line: whatever the circumstances, it is essential to hire an attorney if you have received a pink summons. Get in touch with the Hubert Law Office to speak to a skilled NY pink summons lawyer today.